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Planning for NCTE

I never realized the time, thought and commitment it takes to plan out your days at the convention. Looking over all that is being offered, I fear I will be in one session, while missing out on something great. Overwhelmed, I took a Step back to look at the big picture. I realize the excitement of being among thousands of dedicated, passionate educators is the true meaning and learning of attending this event. I am a first timer. I am imagining the energy and inspiration just radiating from like-minded teachers.
It's what lacks in my daily teaching life. I crave the conversations, connections and reflection with fellow NCTE participants from around the globe. I will embrace the knowledge and wisdom shared by mentors to continue the process of learning, growing and evolving.

I am a child, anticipating author sightings and meeting Twitter friends.   I know I will regret it if I let an opportunity to shake a hand or say hello slip away, but I won't be 
surprised if my nerves take over.  So, I apologize in advance to those I want to meet, but are too shy to approach and gush over how I appreciate you, your talents and your dedication to books, reading and writing.

Happy learning to all NCTE presenters and participants.


Discover. Play. Build.

 Finding and sharing celebrations from the week.
For more information, check out Ruth Ayres website at her  
CELEBRATE This Week page.
Planning for my first NCTE Convention.  I am eager to meet Twitter friends and be inspired.

Having leisurely breakfast with a colleague.

Meeting and chatting with Jarrett J. Krosoczka for the second time.

Hearing from a two parents that their child is loving school and looks forward to going every day.

Reading my newly purchased book, Celebrating Writers by Ruth Ayres and Christi Overman.