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The wheels keep turning. The brain is unstoppable. It does not stop. It continues to think and wonder.  Day and night it keeps on moving like the Ever Ready bunny.

The mind is a beautiful thing. Thinking takes place in magnificent variations. We figure out problems and puzzles, imagine scenery, create pictures, contemplate situations, consider choices, reflect on actions, remember memories, study information and the list goes on.

Our brain is a blessing. But, it can also be a curse. A curse for those of us born without an off button connected to our brains. Thoughts turn into worries. Worries that keep us awake at night trying to fix the problems of our family, friends, students, and even the world.

If only I could capture some of the magic I encounter at the wee hours of the night when living a fantasy through books. I would create the missing off switch that keeps me overwhelmed and awake. I can imagine (see, there goes my brain) having moments of peace, quiet, stillness. But, I have a feeling I would miss my thinking, and I would turn that switch back on.
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My pocket shook from the vibration of my phone as watching football practice. I
read the text and wondered. " Who are they talking about? What happened?"  I then noticed the spelling of my former colleague's name and my heart sank. My stomach felt sick, and it still feels sick.

He welcomed me to the fourth grade team and we worked together for eight years before he retired. He taught me the ropes of the 4th grade science curriculum, how to let children be children, and how to get past the teacher griping. Since his retirement, I have not worked with anyone so quietly dedicated to children's learning and their well-being.

I wish I had the words to share how much he was loved and appreciated by his
students, colleagues, parents, friends, and family. My heart goes out to his wife, children, grandchildren, and dog (they had an incredible bond).

Sitting here, I hear his music and his laugh. It makes me smile and I think, Sing your heart out, and give 'em hell in heaven, Bryan.
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A white page 
a blank slate
an invitation 
to write 
to create
I stare off into
something will 
come to me 
Inspire me
my fingers await 
a key to press, 
on the keyboard
It’s slow 
one by one
the words appear
black and white 
I have written