Ruby looks out over her kingdom
Long faun-like legs drawn up like a pretzel
knobby knees poking out in opposite directions
She sits still and quiet at the top of the grassy slope
Looking toward the neighbor's house below
Does she notice the squirrel scampering up a nearby tree
tail twitching hypnotically  
Does she hear the squabbling birds
fluttering and bouncing from limb to limb
Does she smell the earthy sweetness of the freshly mown lawn
Perhaps she is deep in thought  
Contemplating the meaning of existence
Or the origins of the universe
Has she entered a deep meditative state
Found that quiet within
That point where her being becomes one with the world around
No borders no boundaries
No differentiation between dog, squirrel, or tree
Only atomic particles vibrating and dancing
A lone seagull struts along the roof's edge. He cries out over the garbled voices as he surveys the scene below. A large beach ball floats about the crowded pool.  The strong smell of chlorine and fried seafood hangs heavy in the air.   A rush of wind, and the ball skitters across the rippled, seemingly-blue surface.  Alternating stripes of yellow, white, baby pink, and sky blue swirl and roll.  Goggled faces warm and caramelized bob up and down.  They disappear here and there and reappear with a sputter. Legs protrude with pointed toes reaching for the sky then flop down sending water spraying all about.  Choppy waves shudder across the width of the pool as rowdy splashers dart and dodge. An arm toned and tattooed with inky black hieroglyphics reaches out and swats at the ball sending it over the edge on an unexpected detour.  The ball rolls past a tiny sparrow as it flits about pecking at the soggy remains of an old hotdog bun.  The ball continues along a row of lounge chairs filled with sun bathers wearing suits and swim trunks in a multitude of colors, patterns, and styles.  Bright solids in reds, turquoise, fluorescent oranges and pinks, plaids, polka-dots, paisleys, stripes that crisscross and zigzag in all directions.  Workers dressed in white polo shirts and khaki shorts deliver food and drinks with fully-trained hospitality. A sandaled foot, well-manicured and polished in plum kicks at the ball sending it splashing back into the pool.  A moon-faced child with deep sparkling eyes and shiny black hair plunges in after it leaving a half-eaten slice of pizza in his wake.  The boy belly flops on top of the ball pushing it just below the surface as the triumphant seagull swoops down and claims its cheesy meal.