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Supporting a team in the World Series is exhausting.  The long innings and late nights takes a toll on you especially when you are not typically a night owl.  

In my youth I was a die hard fan. I learned to love baseball from my dad.  Now when I say loved baseball, I mean cheering and watching the home team at a live game.  Watching baseball on TV is painful, and to listen to the announcers on a static AM station was torture.  The extent of my fanhood was frequenting games with my friends and family.  We made signs, designed t-shirts baring our favorite player (Fisk) , took the T (public transportation), arrived early to watch batting practice, met players and got autographs.  I knew every players name, and cheered until my voice was hoarse.   

Over the years my attention to baseball drifted, but my loyalty has always been with the Sox. I miss those days. Happily however, my son has become a Boston fan.  He knows every player and their statistics.  In turn, I am learning and can name the line up for the Sox again.  Sports is a great past time to share with my children. Instead of heading into Fenway to cheer on the players I am watching them on TV with my kids and I even found myself listening to a World Series game on the radio (could I possible turning into my dad?). Now, I know a World Series fan is different then a full-fledged season fan, but it's a start.  Maybe this will be the beginning of a rekindled love for the game. 

My prediction (and hope) is that the Sox will win in 7 games.  I will be watching, cheering and drag myself into school, exhausted, but it's worth it.  October baseball is what a true baseball fan lives for. 

Go Sox! Boston Strong. 
10/29/2013 01:36:03 pm

It is fun to reconnect to an old love especially when it brings back so many great memories while creating so many new ones. My grandma was a big baseball fan. She would listen to the game on the radio as she worked in the kitchen. I used to laugh to myself as she'd yell at the Reds as if somehow that might just help.

I've really never been any kind of sports fan, but this year my son got me to join a family Fantasy Football league. I'm having fun learning about the teams and the players. Like you, I'm also enjoying these connections with my kids.

Good luck to your team. I hope you manage a little sleep in the days to come.


10/30/2013 11:02:11 am

I loved Carlton Fisk, too! I still regret going to bed before the end of game 6 in 1975. (I must have had a test the next day.) My slice is about baseball memories today, too. Go Sox!

11/2/2013 07:35:58 am

This makes me smile! My love for the game came from my dad too!!


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