Image a world without a voice, when you had thoughts in your head, but you could not get them out.  You could not speak. Your words were taken away from you. Would anyone really know you, your thoughts, ideas, fears and feelings. It must be lonely to be in the that world. I suppose you could write and text, but communicating through talking is much more expressive, meaningful and more personal. Too often we take for granted what we have, our voice.  My biannual bout with laryngitis makes me reflect on that very ability and experiencing the loss. The thought of never having the ability to speak, to have my voice heard is unfathomable. Thinking of being in the classroom, teaching would be hard for me and my students. I applaud my students for being patient and understanding my struggle to speak.  I know it was a strain to understand  and really listen when all that was coming out was a whisper.

I first wrote this entry when having laryngitis. Now I am reading two books with characters who can not speak.  Melody in Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, craves to use the words that float in her head.   She wants her thoughts, feeling and knowledge to be heard, but she is trapped within her own body.  Jacob from The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech does not speak.  As the reader, I do not understand his struggles (yet), but I know those caring for him struggle to completely understand him when he is unable to express himself. 

Reading of these two characters, the significance of using our voices to make a difference takes on a new meaning.  Too many children are apprehensive of sharing their thoughts, or asking questions.  They do not feel worthy or confident. We need  to instill in our children that they make a difference, they are important and their voice needs to be shared and heard. The thought of not using our voice when we are able to speak is frightening.
10/8/2013 11:18:31 am

I agree, "Too often we take for granted what we have, our voice." Each new year, I encounter a few new preschoolers who fear speaking aloud. I work hard to develop a personal relationship with them, hoping to encourage that voice. It is such a gift, one's voice!!


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